The Bay Area Coalition harnesses the power of Bay Area and California activists to help Democrats win elections

Who we are

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The Bay Area Coalition is a collective of over 40 organizations that focus on Democratic voter turn-out in swing districts. Partners and the core team are comprised of experienced organizers and leaders.

We focus on utilizing people-powered strategies to turn out the vote: phone banking, voter registration, and canvassing.

Our target districts are the California Central Valley, Arizona, Nevada, and special elections.

What We Do

Canvassing & Voter Registration

We offer efficient canvasses and voter registration events with training, stipends, and available supporter housing.

Phone Banks

We conduct regular phone banks with training and tech support

Student Virtual Training Lecture


We provide training in canvassing, phone banking, and specialized communications with voters

Speaker Series

We host a speaker series featuring guests such as Heather Cox Richardson, Dan Pfeiffer, Shannon Watts, and more.

Our Target Areas

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California Central Valley

  • CD-13 (Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Merced Counties)
  • CD-22 (Kern, Kings, Tulare Counties)

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  • Senate Seat
  • House Seats
  • State Districts

Welcome to Nevada


  • Senate Seat
  • House Seats
  • State Districts


  • DNC Phone Bank Hub
  • Special Elections

Canvassing &

Voter Registration

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We organize canvasses and voter registration drives in our target districts, working closely with state parties and campaigns to coordinate the most effective locations.

We offer “concierge services” to volunteers: we coordinate with them directly re training, transportation, available volunteer housing, and some stipends.

Canvasses to the Central Valley

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If you’re unable to canvass, you can support canvassers by donating at this link. This enables us to offer small stipends to volunteers:

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Phone Banks

Our phone banks are staffed with experienced trainers who can support volunteers throughout the phone bank.

We currently have a Wednesday phone bank from 5 - 7pm PT and a Saturday phone bank from 1 - 3pm PT. Click the button to sign up:

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We offer training in canvassing, phone banking, and specialized communications with voters.

You can find recordings of past trainings and workshops at our YouTube channel.

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Check out our Messaging Library for talking points prepared using the 3V framework: Values, Villains, and Vision.

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Learn the basics of canvassing

Tuesdays 7 - 8pm PT

Yes You Can(Vass)!

wednesday july 17

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How to hold a voter ​registration drive

Learn the basics of phone banking


Yes You Can Phone Bank

How to use the 3V Messaging Library

monday july 22

messaging that wins hearts and minds

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Speaker Series

We host events with inspiring speakers to inform and motivate volunteers.

Check out our YouTube channel for past speakers:


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Simon Rosenberg Hopium chronicles

thursday july 25

Dan pfeiffer

pod save america

monday august 12

heather cox ​richardson

letters from an ​american

monday september 9

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